Our history starts when Dacat AB was founded back in 2005 in Gothenburg by Kenneth Magnusson and Stephan Söderholm with the vision to be Sweden's top design agency targeting both small and large clients. The first office was located in a tennis hall, and it is here the first designs are developed that will lay the foundation to the rest of the story.


Faster than anyone could predict Dacat has grown so much that it’s time to upgrade the facilities. The new office is 10 times as big as the previous one and located on Redegatan.



Already after a couple of years Dacat has established itself as a major player among Swedish design agencies.


New times require new facilities and Dacat moves to a new office in Högsbo. Located on the 6th floor the new office overlooks the charming Änggårdsbergen nature reserve.


Dacat was acquired by Adiga AB and is transformed into the inhouse brand: Adiga Design. This time we move into Adigas office located in the beautiful Eriksberg waterfront area.

The number of great restaurants in the area took us by complete surprise and we still have many to discover! Why not join us? Stop by for coffee or food and talk design with us!

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Adiga Design formerly known as Dacat AB is the name of the design- and inhouse operations at Adiga AB. With experience and skills covering the entire product development process we deliver what others only dream about! One of our main strengths is the close collaboration between designers and engineers in our shared studio that enables us to quickly ideate, create and develop various products ranging from consumer- and industrial products to entire vehicles!

Our knowledge and experience come from real-world projects which makes us the ideal choice for anyone seeking an experienced and agile development partner to boost their business.

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