True skills grow from passion.

Concept Development

Our concept development is built on close relations with the customer and user for each project. In order to create successful solutions we need to understand human behavior and have insights about the needs and expectations of both the user or customer. We combine creativity with our broad expertise and experience to create the most valuable and innovative concepts to your unique design challenge.

Product design


This is our core business. We design and develop various products of different kind, from consumer products to entire vehicles. Our experience and skills cover areas such as industrial design, automotive design and interaction design. Since every product is different and has its own unique challenges we offer the opportunity to both work with you as a part of your team, or we can take care of the entire process for you.

Digital Design

Digital products should be aesthetic, functional solutions that stimulate and engage the user. We design different digital products such as applications, embedded systems and web design. Our digital products are created through interaction design, experience design and graphic design in order to satisfy the users and make their experience great.

Surface design


Surface modelling is part of our core business.

We perform class A surface design and 3D-modeling with the best surface modelling software available. Class -A surfaces are usually surfaces that you can see and touch, understanding how to work with this is essential to create the best products.


At Adiga, engineering is a natural phase of the design process to make every product viable and technically functional.

Our team has the skills that enables us to develop solid and viable engineering solutions. With the help of the latest and greatest CAD-software our experienced engineers can create and analyse every aspect of the product to ensure a complete, functioning product. It is this competence that make it possible for us to work within all phases of the product development process.

Visualization & Prototyping

We can visualize your ideas in 3D-models or in physical prototypes. Visualizations and prototypes are beneficial to use for marketing but also for communicating design at an early stage. This makes it easy and cost efficient to make changes, try different ideas or analyze the product before manufacturing it. 

Marketing & Branding

Sometimes the brand behind the product is worth more than the product itself, but it is important that the brand and product work in harmony and have common core values.

A strong, honest brand with a clear message increases the possibilities to communicate the brand positioning and core values that create acceptance with the target audience. The branding and marketing part of the process is sometimes as important as the product itself.