Client: Nilsson Special Vehicles

Our mission was to design an ambulance built on the latest generation of the Volvo XC90 and that would replace the previous and outdated V70 Ambulance.


​​In the project a lot of emphasis was on the different kinds of users. And the requirement for medical staff to efficiently execute their work was met through researching movement patterns, reach- and general operating capabilities.


The higher ground clearance and four wheel drive of the XC90 also enables the ambulance to operate in more complex environments than its predecessor. These traits were taken into account while designing the exterior to make the vehicle express the durability and versatility qualities it now possesses.


By a widespread use of carbon fibre we managed to reduce the overall weight and thereby improve loading capabilities, one aspect that is crucial for this type of vehicle. Various FEM simulations such as computer simulated roll over tests also ensured the structural integrity was guaranteed and crash safety qualities maintained.


​​At its unveiling at the FLISA congress in Helsingborg, Sweden 2016, the audience, consisting of both users and decision makers awarded the ambulance with standing ovations for its visual appearance and overall functionality.